More than 4 pct of Romania’s population left the country in the past four years, said, on Thursday, the vice president of the Romanian Center for Integration, Ioan Puhace, at the conference titled „Legal migration in 2020 – challenges and opportunities on the labor market on the eve of a new migration boom”.

He mentioned that Romanian employers are always on the lookout for workforce and in this context there needs to be „flexibility” regarding migration and added that, to balance the workforce deficit in the country, those public policies that allow the development of the private sector should be promoted, firstly, as well as those allowing the increase of the quality of life in Romania so that Romanian citizens remain in the country.

„Another aspect that we must take into account is immigration. If we consider the number of permits approved in 2019 for Romania, we say it’s small compared to the demands of Romanian employers. If we look also at the countries around us, we notice that we are at the bottom rungs in what regards work permits,” said Ioan Puhace.

The Vice President of the European Union of SMEs, Florin Jianu, showed that at this moment Romania has a deficit of the workforce of approximately one million persons.


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