Prime Minister Viorica Dancila wants to set up „a team focusing fight against human trafficking,” with people from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), civil society, personalities to be part of it. 

The PSD leader reiterated on Friday the Caracal tragedy that has shaken Romania must never repeat. 

„We took immediate measures. Those measures don’t solve the situation, nevertheless. We took legislative measures, we declared war to crime. As long as I am Prime Minister, I will do everything possible for these things not to happen again. I talked to the Interior Minister: we’ll conduct an assessment in each county, those who made mistakes will pay. But, beyond their accountability, we must see what we can do so that such situation never repeat in Romania. I want to set up a team in which we focus on the fight against human trafficking. PSD members, personalities, people from the civil society will be by our side. I have spoken to Nadia Comaneci, with „Little Picasso” [painter Alexandra Nechita], so that all women get involved in this project,” Dancila said at the Political Summer School of the Social Democrat Women’s Organisation, taking place in Mamaia. 

According to the PM, „the results won’t delay in coming up.” „We will manage to stop these things that actually shake the entire Romanian society. At the same time, I asked all political leaders, all those who candidate, not to use people’s tragedies in the election campaign. It isn’t fair, it isn’t normal. It isn’t normal for a person to say: ‘if I were president, this thing wouldn’t have happened.’ It is not normal to have such approaches,” the PSD leader showed.


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