PSD (Social Democratic Party) Executive Chair Eugen Teodorovici on Sunday evening announced he would not run in the presidential elections. 

When asked by the Antena 3 private television broadcaster if he still intended to run in the elections, Teodorovici said: „No.” 

He voiced hope that, on Tuesday, after the meeting of the National Executive Committee of the PSD, the discussion with respect to the candidate for the presidential elections would be closed. 

„We have the CExN [National Executive Committee] meeting on Tuesday. On Tuesday, whoever still wishes to run or whoever wants to run will say if they want to run or not. Whether it is Mrs PM, Mrs general mayor, other candidates, me or whoever there might be or others who haven’t voiced their desire [to run in the elections] will present [their candidacy] and the CEx will cast a vote and end of discussion. (…) It will be simple. (…) I hope we conclude the discussion on Tuesday. (…) If there are dissatisfied colleagues and if they decide to go further, outside the party, such a discussion will take place outside the party,” said Eugen Teodorovici.


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