The Romanian Association of Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies (ARPID) has launched the website dedicated to information on plasma donation and the creation of a database of potential plasma donors. 

According to a press release from ARPID, the website contains basic information about human plasma and plasma donation, presenting messages from several Romanian personalities including Cristi Chivu, Ana Maria Branza, Simona Gherghe, Ionela Nastase, Paula Rusu, Catalin Striblea, Ela Craciun, Cristina Herea, Geanina Lungu, Iulia Nagy, Alina Sorescu, Paula Chirila, Adrian Hadean and many others. 

The creation of the site is part of the campaign „Patient, I’m looking for a donor! Plasma!”, a campaign that ARPID launched on July 8th. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to establish plasma donation centers in Romania as well, so that there is security in the supply of plasma derived drugs – firstly immunoglobulin, an essential drug for patients with primary immunodeficiencies.


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