The Save Romania Union (USR) desires to abolish special pensions, considering that overtaxing them to be a minimal reparatory measure, the leader of the Union’s senators, Adrian Wiener, stated on Wednesday.

The USR senators voted, on Wednesday, in favor of taxing special pensions, considering that „the measure is a minimal reparation to a great moral injustice,” according to a release of the formation.

„USR is unequivocally for the abolishment of special pensions and any other absurd benefits of pencil pushers in mayoralties, county councils or in Parliament or a group of employees in the state’s force structure. Until we manage to abolish this immoral system of buying the loyalty of mayors, of chairmen of county councils, of MPs or some categories of employees in the state’s force structures, additional taxation is a minimal reparatory financial measure. I cannot, however, turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy of the PSD [Social Democratic Party], who, on one hand, introduces special pensions for the party nomenclature and, on the other, symbolically taxes some incomes for beneficiaries who’ve contributed nothing,” said USR senator Adrian Wiener, according to the quoted release.

According to the quoted source, the PSD majority in the Senate rejected the proposal of USR senator George Dirca to bring amendments in the plenum, namely to bring down the threshold for taxation of special pensions from 7,000 RON to 4,000 RON.

The Senate adopted, on Wednesday, as the first notified chamber, the legislative initiative by which special pensions between 7,000 RON and 10,000 RON are taxed by 30 pct and those over 10,000 RON by 50 pct.


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